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Date:  We have added new legit home jobs to our online employment database.  You can find immediate employment in all job categories listed below.  No experience necessary.  Pay scale varies for each position and for each employer.  Legitimate Online Jobs | Legit Online Jobs


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From the Office of Justin Pearson
Sunday, July 26, 2009  


Dear Friend,

Incredible as it may seem, companies are recruiting new workers everyday to fill numerous online employment positions.  They are looking for average workers to perform the same tasks that would have been required at the workplace, but now can be completed at home or online.

Businesses have began to uncover the full potential of allowing their employees to be happy, with little supervision, while doing simple tasks and having them turned in by the end of the day, or by a specified time period. Especially now, in the age of increasing costs for food and gas, employers want to find a way to keep their employees and associates happy. They need folks like you to join this online movement.

I want to be very upfront with you though...this is not another money-making scam.  We are simply an online job postings website that has a niche market in online employment.  That's It.  The companies we post on this site are all legitimate employers (such as Fortune 500) who are looking to employ people that are interested in working online.  If you've been searching for a real and legitimate way to make an income from the comfort of your home, then you came to the right spot. 

Can you imagine being one of the first of your friends and family to shift your employment status from the traditional workplace job to the future era of online jobs? Just imagine having extra money in the bank to do the things you’ve always wanted.  What if I could show you a way to make more money online than you do at your current job, while having no boss breathing down your shoulder...  Would you be interested? 

In the next few months you will be hearing more and more about companies going this route instead of forcing their employees to commute.  In this economy, employers are finding creative ways to reduce their overhead costs... and offering online employment positions is one of the many ways they plan to accomplish this. 

But hold on a second…If you’re a little skeptical; let me explain in further detail about…

Legit Jobs From Home

Work at home businesses have been around forever.  But it wasn't until recently that people were being paid to do an online job.  This little known opportunity is beginning to take the world by storm. And both the employee and employer couldn't be happier about it.  Doing a legitimate online job from home requires nothing more than an internet connection and your computer. If you can log onto the internet and use your mouse, you can make cash right away.

All you have to do is download our database, read a short description of each online job, figure out which line of work interests you the most, then click on the link to access that companies website to start working.  It's that easy.

We have opportunities that range from virtual assistants, to proofreaders, and from web designers to virtual call center agents.  Once you have access to our online jobs database the opportunities are endless.

Companies ARE Hiring In This Economy!

As bad as the job market may seem out there, companies are still hiring domestically and abroad.  If you strictly watch the news and media to gage how well the job market is doing, then you're really holding yourself back. The media has always followed a time-tested strategy that most people still have not picked up on yet... That is "If It Bleeds, It Leads".  Basically what this means is that the more painful and sad they make the headlines and news, the more people they can get to tune in.

It's sad but true.

I have absolutely no problem tuning out their nonsense, but I can really begin to see this doom and gloom mentality taking its toll on people and their ability to succeed.  Don't get me wrong, times are tough right now but that is no excuse to remain unemployed and broke. The only person in this entire world holding you back is yourself.

If you just follow the Legit Home Jobs system, you can begin working in just a few seconds from now.  We'll provide you with unlimited access to a complete database of companies that you can work for.  You'll also have access to our online tutorials that will explain how to perform each job, how to secure that position over the other job seekers, and all the tools and resources you need to guarantee your success with an online career.

There are thousands of companies willing to pay you for doing simple tasks and easy work. Every day we are seeking more and more opportunities to add to our online jobs database.  It's our duty to make sure, as a valued customer, that you are always instantly notified of new jobs as they become available.  And the number of jobs being added to LegitHomeJobs.com and our associated companies is growing daily.

But to work with these companies, you need to connect with a reputable firm that has done the research and has access to the key people who are looking to expand their employment opportunities to the online arena. Which represents a massive employment base eager to compete in the global economy.

That’s where LegitHomeJobs.com comes in. We have invested heavily in research and have hired a team of people to recruit more and more opportunities for our valued customers.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for people from all countries that have a desire to work at home. People that can commit to working from home and want a serious online job that they can do in their spare time. You don't need any special skills, if this sounds like you, keep reading. If not. Thank you for your time and we wish you the best.

So who is LegitHomeJobs.com best suited for?...

              People who are currently unemployed.

              Retirees seeking  a supplemental income.

              College students looking to earn some extra money.

              People who are disabled and need to work at home.

              Stay at home Moms who are looking for a part time job.

              People looking to make extra money on the weekends.

              Virtually anyone who is looking for a legitimate way to make money on the internet!


We will connect you to a large database of thousands of companies that are looking to hire new workers. You can get started today making a part-time or full-time income by working directly for a company, or by selling goods and services online.

Here are just some of the positions currently available inside the LegitHomeJobs.com database...


  • goldCustomer Service Reps
  • goldMembership Consultants
  • gold Freelance Writers
  • gold Editors
  • goldTelemarketers
  • goldVirtual Call Center Agents
  • goldSales Representatives
  • goldTeleprospecters
  • goldMarketing Reps
  • goldAppointment Setters
  • goldData Entry Personnel
  • goldHTML/Programmers/Web Designers



  • goldResearchers
  • goldFreelance Translators
  • goldProofreaders
  • goldBloggers
  • goldCommissioned Sales
  • goldCold Callers
  • goldOperators
  • goldPhotographers
  • goldVirtual Assistants
  • goldInterpreters
  • goldReviewers
  • goldGeneral Employment Positions/Hourly Jobs

And these are just to name a few...  We have many more online job opportunities available inside the legit jobs database, and lots more being added all the time.  You could be well on your way to dropping that dead-end day job and working for yourself... being your own boss. And the best part is that you can get started right away, in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Once you download, there is absolutely no cost to work for the companies we connect you with.  People all around the world are already benefiting from their association with Legit Home Jobs.

You need to ask yourself if it's your time to achieve the financial independence and the life that you always dreamed you could have!

How Do I Get Paid

Most companies listed in the Legit Home Jobs database will pay you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  You can ask to have your funds sent by check in the mail, direct deposit, wire transfer, and possibly by debit card.  It's your decision on how best to receive your compensation.

Online Hourly Jobs: If you use our online jobs database to find a job that pays by the hour, then you will more than likely be required to log into an electronic punch-in system on the company's website.  Depending on the type of work required, there are also guidelines on when the work must be completed.  Expect to see deadlines placed on work that entails finishing a project for that company. Outside of that, the work hours are usually wide open and flexible for your convenience.

Commissioned Sales: If you are interested in doing commissioned sales, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in our online network.  These positions pay very well if you are self-motivated and entrepreneurial.  These positions work out best for people who have another income and are not totally reliant on commissions.  Most companies pay out weekly for the sales you generate for them.  If you're good at selling, this may be the route to go.

Sales Jobs: If you are looking for a very lucrative career in sales, then you will love the opportunities that await you in our job database.  We have lots of opportunities from several employers looking to recruit great sales people.  The main difference between sales positions and commissioned sales is the compensation structure.  A good sales job will pay a base salary plus commission, whereas a commission based sales position is usually based on sales production only.

Reliable Pay: We guarantee that the companies you work for using our online jobs database are totally reliable companies that pay you right on time.  We wouldn't dare call our website Legit Home Jobs if we believed that our job listings and money-making opportunities were anything less than that.  You can rest assured knowing that we stand behind each and every income opportunity on our site, as they've all been carefully reviewed by our staff.

Need Proof That Our Program Works?

If this sounds too good to be true, believe me, I was skeptical at first too.  I never would've thought that I could make it on my own.  It felt weird at first always listening to my friends and family complain about the economy and praying for it to get better... while I was secretly making lots of money online, working at home.

Then I recalled the reasons for why I took the chance to begin with.  I absolutely despised my boss, I hated the long commute to work, and my co-workers annoyed me... So I started to change my thinking to enjoy all the freedom and empowerment that a legitimate online job would bring me.

Here are just some of the stories from other people, like you, who once were skeptical but aren’t any longer…





  Customer Testimonials


I Make Enough Online to Support Our Family of 8!

As a mom of six, I really needed to find a way that I could work from home and help my husband support our family.  I searched online for hours every night trying to find a solution and I can't tell you how happy I am that I finally found LegitHomeJobs.com.  They provide you with everything you need to know to start working from home and make real money.  I now make a consistent income each week and make more than the additional income we needed to support our family of eight.

Marea Breedlove, Locust Grove, OK

I Love My New Life Working From Home!

In the quest to find real work that I could do from my home PC, I visited a number of websites that supposedly provided you with help and tools.  Well, I must say that, the jaded consumer that I am, I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found at LegitHomeJobs.com.  You actually learn how to do these jobs and they do provide you with the tools for success.  Thank you so much for this opportunity, I love my new life working from home!

Walter Shuler, Camesville, Georgia

No More 9 to 5 For Me!

After years of spending most of my wages on the costs of commuting, eating out and other work related expenses, I was ready for something that allowed me to maintain my income while saving me the costs of working a regular 9 to 5 job.  LegitHomeJobs.com allowed me to take up processing rebates and I am now reaping the benefits of this opportunity in full! Thank you for this wonderful site!

Toni Prado, Galesburg, Illinois

Legit Home Jobs Made My Dreams Come True!

Coming across LegitHomeJobs.com was a dream come true! I was always looking for a way that I could earn passive income and this website is the ultimate resource.  I am now an eBay and drop shipping entrepreneur and wouldn't have it any other way.  I now make a better income than any 9 to 5 job in my area has to offer.  Thank you for this excellent opportunity LegitHomeJobs.com!

Holly Chard, Austin, Texas

I Found A Job The Next Day!

 I can't believe this program actually worked out for me.  No offense, but most programs I have ever joined are never what they claim to be.  LegitHomeJobs.com actually works.  I signed up on a Tuesday and found a job the next day. Thanks for all your help.

Terri Paul, Suffolk, Virginia






An Opportunity For Everyone

No matter what type of background, work history, layoffs, or experience you may have, we have an opportunity for literally anyone who is trying to earn money online doing a legitimate online job.  Inside the jobs database, we will reveal thousands of companies eagerly waiting to pay you for helping them grow and expand their businesses.  Many of them are international companies, which means that no matter where you live, these companies desperately need your help.

You can literally work online from any location, in any area of the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, and even the Far East. Legit Home Jobs is helping people, everyday, all around the world, transform their lives and earn money working on the web.

And gaining access to legit home jobs is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


So what makes LegitHomeJobs.com so different from the rest?...

              You Will Never Need Any Previous Experience!

              You Will Never Need To Carry A Product or Keep An Inventory!

              You Will Never Need A Website To Maintain!

              You Will Never Have To Work Set Hours EVER AGAIN!

              You Will Never Need To Pressure Friends or Family To Buy Something!

 And You Can Change Your Life In Just A Few Seconds...

That's right, in just a few seconds from now you could be living the life you've always dreamed of... spending time with your family and working on your own schedule.  The employment opportunities in our database are set-up exactly for that purpose... to provide maximum time flexibility and the privilege to work right at home over the internet.

However, if you just want to stay the course, working a 9 to 5 job, waking up way too early in the morning and getting caught in everyday traffic... then by all means leave this site right now and see what companies like monster.com and careerbuilder.com has for you.  But if you're really ready for a fresh opportunity with a completely different set of rules, then stay right here and become a member today.

This is one of the very few chances you will have to change your life completely... using our website. Once the legit home jobs database sells out and the employment opportunities are slowing down for current customers, we will be forced to stop taking on any newcomers, and go right back to focusing our time exclusively on keeping our database jam-packed with work.  We will not compromise on this.  Retaining our reputation online and the world class service we provide to our customers is our #1 priority.

To be one of the last few people who make it into our exclusive jobs database, you will need to be an early-bird member and take advantage of this limited time, ground-floor opportunity. We are not the least bit interested in spending our days reading emails from angry customers who are having a hard time finding work because we clogged the system with an unnecessary amount of people.  We're even ready to guarantee your employment and your success if you take action right this very second.

It Couldn't Be Easier - Just Download And Start Working!

All you'll need to start making money today, right this very second, is to order one of our legit home jobs database. Once you download, you will be granted unlimited lifetime access to the most complete job postings database on the internet. We guarantee that you will not find any other site with more online job opportunities than we have.

You can become a download today for the new and reduced rate of $44.95 - Which is only 14 cents per day when you do the math. Think about how little 14 cents per day really is. I bet there are at least 3 things you will spend your money on in the next few hours that will total up to be way more than that.  And I bet these little daily expenditures, which are usually just bad habits, will probably never advance your life or make you any money.

So why not make a wise investment in something that will actually benefit your well-being and quality of life?  We promise to keep you busy for an entire lifetime.  Our database of online jobs is updated regularly and our team of researchers are constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to add to our network.  We'll also keep you posted, automatically, when new online jobs become available.  This way you can focus on your work and leave the rest to us!

There's Absolutely No Risk To Join!

We are 100% ready to make an investment in you and take all the risk off your shoulders today.  When you sign up for a risk free jobs database with LegitHomeJobs.com, you can start making money right away by taking the jobs database for a test drive with full access for 30 days. That's right, for 30 days we will take on all the financial risk so you can dedicate yourself, concentrate, and prepare for the most life changing experience you have had yet... without worrying about the cost.

If for some reason after 30 days, you get tired of making more money than you did at your last job, and can't quite adjust to being your own boss yet, working whenever you want, even in your pajama's... then you are fully authorized and even encouraged to turn your membership in for a full refund. (We'll show you how)

I don't want you to be happy with the service we provide you... I want you to be thrilled! I want you to consider us your one-and-only partner for success in this new, self-empowering, online movement that we have just started.

Your download fee, which functions much like a donation, will help us to make a continuous investment in bettering our program.  We need to keep our team of dedicated researchers working to deliver 5 Star service and the best opportunities on the web.  We realize that we are nothing without people like you who trust us to find the best employment opportunities available. That's why it's our promise to you, that we will spend every day making sure we earn our full value.

What more could we actually offer you at this point? For less than a dollar a week you can provide yourself with the lifestyle you fully deserve. A simple investment in our program today will surely pay dividends for the rest of your life! So don't wait another second...


 Order Now To Gain Access To Legit Home Jobs






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 Legitimate online jobs provides workers with only real and legitimate ways to work online, right from home.  You can find legit online jobs that will allow you to work online part-time or full-time.  You can join today, risk free, and start earning money with a legitimate online job.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, just ask for a refund within the time allowed, and we will refund your money.


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